Private Practice Forms

The activities constituting the private practice of addiction counseling can be found in section 4.5-02.1-04-01 of the N.D. Administrative Code.


To be eligible for private practice registration, you must have 10,000 hours of full-time clinical experience as a licensed addiction counselor, or a master’s degree in a closely related social science or health care field with 4,000 hours of post-master’s clinical experience as a licensed addiction counselor.

Registration Procedure

All licensed addiction counselors requesting to be registered for private practice shall submit a Private Practice application to the Board for approval. The application must include: 

  • Verification of required clinical experience


  • Verification of degree requirements

  • Description of intended private practice

  • Private Practice Registration fee of $150.

 Notice: Important Notice Regarding Treatment Facility Licensure - All addiction treatment facilities are required by North Dakota Law to be licensed as a treatment facility under the North Dakota Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Division (DHSBHD).  This is separate from the individual licensee Private Practice Registration.  To inquire about facility licensure, contact DHSBHD at 701-328-8920.